About GRA

The Georgia Railroad Association is a voluntary organization dedicated to providing value to our Members and Associate Members as we educate public officials, advocate to policy makers, and activate our members to deliver our industry message. 

Our mission is to educate, advocate, and activate on behalf of the freight rail industry.

GRA educates government and other public policy leaders about the benefits of freight rail as a mode to safely and efficiently transport the goods this nation produces and consumes every day. 

GRA advocates and lobbies the General Assembly and the state’s executive branch to promote policies, programs, and legislation that enhance the ability of our members to do business in Georgia, and oppose efforts that would negatively alter or impact our industry. GRA and its members also advocate to protect Georgia’s generally pro-business climate.  GRA and its members support transportation policies that are safe, sustainable, efficient and equitable, and promote economic development in Georgia.

GRA activates its members, associate members, employees and allied organizations by providing environments and opportunities to engage on behalf of the public policy positions established by the GRA Board of Directors.

An Overview

GRA is made up of Members and Associate Members.

Members are the freight railroads operating in Georgia, and include both Class 1 railroads such as CSX and Norfolk Southern and the many Short Line railroads operating in the state.

Associate Members are the dozens of vendors that serve the rail industry in our state.

Georgia railroads operate under authority of a certificate of convenience and necessity issued by the U.S. Surface Transportation Board. Railroads serve a public purpose - the safe transportation of goods in interstate commerce.

Each year GRA’s  Board of Directors creates a state legislative agenda that takes positions that enhance our industry’s ability to serve the public, support safe transportation policies, promote economic development and maintain the private enterprise system.

GRA’s Annual meeting ‘Round Table’ discussions provide a forum for Georgia railroads to educate decision makers on the role of railroads in the safe, efficient and economic freight transportation of goods.

Georgia members participate in a number of important alliances including the Georgia Transportation Alliance, Georgia Operation Lifesaver, Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and national rail groups such as the American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association and the Association of American Railroads.

Benefits of Membership

GRA creates environments and programing that support the business objectives of our Members and Associate Members.

In particular, GRA holds an Annual meeting in the spring/summer of each year that provides networking, educational, and development opportunities. GRA provides our members with information about legislative, legal, regulatory, tax, and other matters that may impact their businesses.

For Associate Members, GRA provides valuable networking and business development opportunities at regularly scheduled events such as the GRA Annual Meeting.

Associate Members enjoy presentations from key procurement executives from the Member companies, and gain insight on how to develop their business.

Members benefit from the interaction with Associate Members and other members at the Annual meeting and other GRA events.

With a focus on public policy and lobbying at the State Capitol, Members benefit greatly from the services provided by the GRA:

☛  Daily presence in the Capitol during Georgia's legislative session.

☛  Advocacy before the Georgia Department of Transportation and other state agencies.

☛  Inform members of pending legislation, court cases, regulations and other matters of interest.

☛  Educate members and public officials on freight rail issues.

☛  Promote economic development and freight rail service.

☛  Provide an interface between railroads, railroad customers, legislators, public officials, the general public and railway supporters.

GRA is the leading advocate for freight rail, providing our members with a daily presence in the Capitol during Georgia's legislative session.

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